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Cadman Medical Alert Bracelets

There is no better way to express your love than with stunning and meaningful jewelry. A medical identification piece of jewelry from Cadman says something that words can't. Give the gift of forever.

We invite you to browse our products and explore the beauty and luxury of Cadman jewellery. If you don't see your perfect set, reach out to our team, and we would be delighted to enhance all your memories in the making with a custom masterpiece.

10K Gold Medical Alert Bracelets

Elegant and practical, our 10k gold medical alert bracelets provide fashionable safety for your everyday wear. We invite you to browse Cadman’s selection of 10k gold medical alert bracelets and choose one that works with your everyday life.

Sterling Medical Alert Bracelets

Finding a medical alert bracelet should be easy, that’s why we have a great selection of sterling medical alert bracelets at Cadman. Able and enduring, our sterling medical alert bracelets provide great-looking security for everyday wear.

Gold Filled Medical Alert Bracelets

Tried and true, our gold-filled medical alert bracelets bring you peace of mind that will stand the test of time. Cadman invites you to browse our collection of gold-filled medical alert bracelets that work with your life and fit your personality.

  • A shield icon with a checkmark inside. Forever™ Warranty
  • A ring icon. 100% Made in Canada
  • A maple leaf icon. Hand-Made Heirloom Quality

The Forever™ Warranty

Exclusively at Cadman’s since 1932

The promise of our product quality is one we stand behind, and it’s a guarantee that lasts a lifetime. We’ve meticulously marked every Cadman creation with a CMC emblem, signifying our vow to accept it back at any point, give it some TLC if needed, or resize it when it gets handed down. When it comes to making a real commitment, you’ve got us wrapped around your finger.

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