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Legacy Rings True.

Over 90 years ago, the Cadman name first made its mark on the jewellery world and to this day, that iconic mark signifies a treasure. Three simple letters stand for Canadian made, respectfully sourced, carefully designed, locally loved and timelessly cherished.

Our tight-knit team works skillfully to see excitement turn into an heirloom and to confidently offer you our endless commitment to quality. It would be an honour to enhance all your memories in the making with a custom masterpiece.

About Us

Forever™ Yours,

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Where Raw Materials Become Forever™ Heirlooms

A jeweller polishing a diamond ring.

Eternal Artisans

Two jewellers examine a ring.

Strength in a piece of fine jewellery begins with the quality and purity of materials used to make it. Our purely Canadian craftsmanship starts with the mixing of precious metals to achieve perfect carat weights, followed by in-house designing. From the moulds and the presses to the stones and the settings, every detail is carefully carried out by our Cadman artisans. It’s all done by our hands, for your hands.

The Forever™ Warranty

Exclusively at Cadman’s since 1932

The promise of our product quality is one we stand behind, and it’s a guarantee that lasts a lifetime. We’ve meticulously marked every Cadman creation with a CMC emblem, signifying our vow to accept it back at any point, give it some TLC if needed, or resize it when it gets handed down. When it comes to making a real commitment, you’ve got us wrapped around your finger.

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Our Fine Philosophy

To us, family is everything – and those that own a Cadman creation are who we consider our extended tribe. As you let us into your lives by selecting our jewellery to mark your milestones, we’ll continue to uphold the values and traditions that drew you in. Our artistry will remain local, our materials will stay pure, our warranty will hold strong and family will always come first.

Now Until Forever

Making History

A Beloved Jewellery Manufacturer

Over 90 years of heritage craftmanship

1930s - 1940s

Humble Beginnings

In the 1930s and 1940s, Walter Cadman travelled from town to town with a trunk full of jewellery. In true entrepreneur fashion, our founder was passionate about delivering nothing short of excellence. Those first impressions created memorable experiences that still ring true today.

1950s - 2000s

Building a Beautiful Brand

Over the next few decades, Cadman entered hundreds of hearts and dozens of jewellery retailers across North America. We continued creating heartfelt connections and immortalizing life’s important moments with jewellery that’s loved for generations.

2020 - Forever

New Look, Same Vow

Now in the hands of fourth generation jewellers, Cadman’s Forever™ promise continues to wow our customers. We remain committed to our vow of unsurpassed quality while introducing fresh, new styles as fashion changes over time. Our future is forever.

Explore Cadman's Creations

Four types of wedding bands in silver and gold.

Ladies Wedding Bands

Ladies Wedding Bands
Three examples of rings from the corporate line.

New Corporate Line

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